FX Market Update 30-1

Vice President Pence meets with King Abdullah II of Jordan;
9:00AM: President Trump Holds breakfast and listening session with small business leaders; and at
4:00PM: Meets with staff from the National Economic Council.
With travelers stranded and protests mounting over Donald Trump’s ban
on visitors from seven Muslim countries, the White House pulled back on part of it, saying it wouldn’t
apply to people holding green cards;
– A slew of corporate earnings this week along with signals
about the health of the broader economy will help determine whether U.S. stock markets can sustain
recent gains that pushed them into record territory”; FT: Trump announced the chairman of the joint
chiefs of staff and the director of national intelligence won’t automatically attend meetings of senior
national security officials, but that chief strategist Steve Bannon would;
-Barron’s: Cover story says the
Dow hitting 20,000 was no fluke—today’s stock prices are well supported by solid prospects for corporate
earnings and economic growth, and there’s no reason the DJIA can’t reach 30,000 if President
Trump avoids a trade war; Tech Trader says because of MSFT’s cash horde and earnings power, it’s a
better pick for investors than INTC; Features are positive on ANTM, MGA, SYNT; Indonesia should
remain largely sheltered from turmoil stemming from Trump administration protectionism.

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