Futuro del peso mexicano 30-3

  • USD/MXN opens NY 18.68, dips to new post-elex low 18.6695, rises to 18.72
  • Banxico- OIS sees 30% odds of +25bps , 15/24 analysts +25bp
  • Lower US rates/hike trajectory, less severe Trump trade policies aids MXN lift
  • USD/MXN sup 18.6695 Thurs low, 18.5822 1st dly pvt, 18.5191 lwr 21-d Bolli
  • Res 18.7404 21-HMA, 18.8098 daily pivot, 18.9274 10-DMA caps
  • MXN ST vol dips as pair fills in Nov 9 daily bar

futuro del peso mexicano 30-3



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