Futuro del peso mexicano 12-9


  • USD/MXN opens NY 17.7335, above 17.6750 Mon cls; o/n range 17.75-17.6610
  • Rising equities, UST yields, easing hurricane & N.Korea tensions lift USD
  • Large long MXN position inhibits peso gains, pair holds in 17.60-17.90 range
  • USD/MXN supt 55/21-HMA near 17.68, 17.6610 Tues low, 17.5811 lwr 21-d Bolli
  • Res 17.7539 21-DMA, 17.7895 50% of 17.966-17.6130, 17.9100 Sep 6 high
  • USD/MXN vol holds by recent trend lows, 25RR eyes higher USD o/n to 2-yrs

futuro del peso mexicano 12-9


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