Futuro del peso mexicano 15-9

  • USD/MXN opens NY 17.7225 vs Thurs close 17.6565, o/n range 17.73-17.6430
  • NK missile launch, London tube attack lift USD, risk off wanes in early NY
  • No Mex data, US Ind/Mfg o/p at 9.15 AM NYT, UMich at 10AM
  • USD/MXN supt 17.6430 Fri low, 17.6165 lwr 21-h Bolli, 17.5765 Aug 25 low
  • Res 17.7062 daily pivot, 17.7430 10-DMA, 17.8312 61.8% of 17.966-17.613
  • 1-wk vol ticks higher, 1-mos steady by recent lows, 25RR positive 0-2yrs
 futuro del peso mexicano 15-9

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