Futuro del peso mexicano 9-10

RCO/FX- MPZ@ 530.20 OI@ 185179 Down 5226= MXN Liquidation


  • USD/MXN opens NY 18.6120 well abv Fri NY close 18.5420, o/n 18.6280-18.5590
  • PRI politics nL2N1MH1Z2; NAFTA, Trump wall talk lift USD nL2N1MJ0N6
  • Mex inflation data at 9AM Rtrs f/c 12-mo infl 6.48 v 6.66%, core 4.88 v 5%
  • USD/MXN up w/upper 21-d Bolli (18.6177); res 18.6305 Fri hi, 18.8641 200-DMA
  • Supt 18.5956 10-HMA, 18.5590 Mon low, rising 10-DMA (18.2939) trailing supt
  • Short-term vol slightly higher, 25RR hints at cont’d USD strength



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