Futuro del peso mexicano 9-11

  • SD/MXN open NY 19.0625 v 19.0875 Wed cls; o/n range 19.0410-19.1315
  • Banxico MPC meets, no chg exp’d; MX infl at 9AM Rtrs f/c 6.34% v 6.35% pvs
  • C.bank stmt the focus, weak MXN, persistent infl may see hawkish tilt
  • USD offered ahead of US tax reform bill; Gold +0.5%, Bitcoin off 3.8%
  • USD/MXN res 19.1426 upper 21-h Bolli, 19.1750 dn TL from Oct highs
  • Sup 19.0453/10 100-DMA/Thur low, 18.9115 Nov 2 low, 18.8665 76.4% Fib
 Futuro del peso mexicano 9-11

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