Futuro del peso mexicano 26-2

As with the end of the past week, public appearances by Fed officials are likely to dictate the new week’s market action. On Monday, St. Louis Fed President Bullard (non-voter, dove) will deliver the keynote address to the National Association of Business Economics annual meeting at 08:00.

Fed Vice Chair for Supervision Quarles (voter, hawkish) will address the gathering at 15:15.

Fed Chair Powell will deliver semi-annual monetary policy testimony before the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday and before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs on Thursday.


The Treasury Department kept the size of its record-large 13- and 26-week bill auctions at $51 bn and $45 bn, respectively, but increased the size of the 52-week bill to $22 bn (upped by $2 bn) and may likewise raise the amount of 4-week bills from $55 bn; no coupon auctions are scheduled until March 12 (3s and 10s) and March 13 (30s

200 HMA= 535.20

200 DMA= 538.10


Futuro del peso mexicano 26-2


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