Futuro del peso mexicano 2-3

Reports U.S. President Trump plans to raise steel and aluminium import tariffs has abruptly halted dollar bulls’ recovery from February’s doldrums and USD falls look set to deepen with the DXY poised to break key technical levels.

On Tuesday, Fed Chair Jay Powell’s comments set up the USD index for a run to the major 90.886 level — 38.2% retrace of the 95.150 to 88.251 (October to February) decline . It duly probed the 90.886 Fibonacci level on Thursday before the subsequent collapse as market concerns that Trump’s tariff plans could spark a global trade war overshadowed the path of U.S interest rates.

The USD index is likely to fall near-term to the 30-DMA at 89.678, a break below which would pave the way to the 30-day lower Bollinger band at 88.603. Only repeated failures to hold a break below the 30-DMA will warn that the USD slide is coming to an end.

100 HMA= 530.70


Futuro peso mexicano 2-3.png


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