Futuro del peso mexicano 5-6

  • USD/MXN up in the wake of Mexico tariffs on U.S. imports
  • USD/MXN +0.55% triggering option barriers at 20.10 and 20.20
  • Big resistance likely close by and more option barriers-20.50
  • 20.2891 is a 61.8% retracement of the fall from all time high to 2017’s low
  • 20.5450 and 20.54 two consecutive major weekly highs in Feb 2017
  • CPI due June 7. Weak MXN will fuel a rise in inflation, likely CB reaction
White House Economic Advisor Kudlow: President Trump seriously contemplating a shift in NAFTA talks; splitting the negotiations between Mexico and Canada
– Fox news – Various openings on trade negotiations with China at this time
**Reminder: On Jun 1st President Trump stated that he would not mind having separate trade deals with Canada and Mexico; these are two very different countries
50 HMA= 498.70
Futuro del peso mexicano 5-6

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